Our Company
Claritel, Business VOIP and Internet Provider

Claritel Communications Co is a 100% Canadian owned and operated, private corporation headquartered in Pickering, Ontario and serving clients across Canada and the US. Our systems are trusted by thousands of businesses across North America.

Our mission is to deliver enterprise-grade voice and data solutions to businesses regardless of size, and within budget. Our services are built based on the highest standards, latest available technologies, and are constantly undergoing enhancements, evolvements, research and improvement.

We focus on the "before" when it comes to implementing solutions. We analyze your current network setup to ensure it is optimally configured for best results. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and service capability to both identify, recommend, and execute enhancements to your network and operations. We focus on understanding your goals, your needs, and your challenges in order to effectively provide a solution, not just a product or service.

Why Choose Claritel?
  • Broad range of products and services.
  • Enterprise-grade voice quality.
  • Feature-packed solutions with tremendous value.
  • Personalized approach.
  • Local presence for service and support.
  • Latest and greatest hardware offering.
  • Business-centric solutions made for SMB.
  • Reasonable costs, strong ROI.
  • World-class technical support.
  • Unbeatable value in our bundled solutions.
  • No large call centers with long hold times.
  • Reps who know your account - no bouncing departments.
  • Quality guarantees.
  • Global reach.
  • Scalable, flexible solutions.

Our hosted voice solutions are backed by our satisfaction guarantee, and it's a simple and straight-forward concept. If our solutions don't work optimally despite your network meeting our standards, as defined through our VoIP Candidacy evaluation, you are free to exit your contract with us, penalty-free, at any time. We're here to earn your business, and that means providing a quality service. We strive to ensure we take the appropriate first-steps to identify potential issues that could affect our solutions.

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