Virtual Fax Solutions
email to fax, fax alternatives for business

Fax is sort of a nuisance, we know. No one really uses it, but you need it for those that are, otherwise you're limited your reachability. We get it. So why are you spending so much on it, if you barely use it? Or if you do use it, why are you paying for long distance and expensive phone lines?

Our solutions are built to meet your needs. We offer paperless fax solutions that run exclusively online or over email, and we offer FoIP solutions which offer an adapter to convert your fax to IP fax using your existing machine.

You can save as much as 30-50% on these solutions and not deal with long distance, busy tones, junk faxes and more. With paperless, you save even more without the need for paper, toner and a machine. We can also setup inbound-only service for under $10 a month!

Plus, you can access your faxes anywhere, anytime, even from your smartphone.

Why Go Virtual?
  • Savings of as much as 30-50% when compared to analog solutions.
  • Save paper, toner and drums.
  • Free up desk space and reduce electricity.
  • Access to your faxes anywhere, anytime.
  • World-class support at your disposal.
  • No more busy tones, you can even schedule a delivery.
  • Send reports.
  • Reduce or eliminate junk faxes.
  • Store faxes for longer.
  • Unify your communications..
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